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'Thieves at Sea' is a Gameboy Color demake of 'Sea of Theives' originally made for Demake Jam.(Unfortunately, the game couldn't be completed in time before voting started or the jam end time.)

In this game you can explore 4 mysterious islands as you complete quests for the chest and skull merchants at the Sailor's Cove outpost. These quests can either be fighting skeleton waves and getting skulls or solving riddles to find hidden treasure.


WASD: Moving/Options select

E: Pick item

J: Interact/Use Item

K: Set direction(When using WASD)

Enter: Pause


Programming: Nimi (@NimiKitamura)

Art/sprite design: Voxy (@voxybuns)

Sound/music design: JackTheTickler (@GMBlockerLocker)

Based on the game 'Sea of Thieves' by Rare.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder in the .zip file onto your desktop(Or your preferred directory where ever you put games.). You should now be able to play game by launching the .exe file in the folder.


Thieves at Sea.zip 5 MB


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Was not disappointed! Would love to see you carry this on in some form!

Really looking forward to playing this! Between the sprite style and the pirate focus it's my type of game!